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Cartilage Tears(TFCC) do not always cause wrist pain

TFCC (Triangular fibrocartilage complex) or cartilage tears do not always cause wrist pain. In fact, most people over the age of 50 have tears that are not symptomatic. A study in the Journal of Hand Surgery in 2012 looked at over 100 asymptomatic volunteers using MRI. Approximately 40% of patients had TFCC tears on MRI but had no pain or other wrist symptoms. Many of these patients were under 50 years of age. All patients over 60 years of age had tears on MRI. As with any study, it is important to correlate the radiologist’s findings with patient history and a detailed physical exam. When patients do require surgery, hand surgery specialists like Drs. Gluck and Vahey have specific training in wrist arthroscopy allowing for minimally invasive surgery to address TFCC problems.